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About Fullpower®

Sleeptracker-AI® technology is developed by US-based Fullpower® Technologies. Fullpower® Technologies delivers a complete software platform with AI-powered algorithms and contactless biosensing software in the field of life sciences, health, and biotechnology.

Sleeptracker-AI® processes and stores data on servers hosted in the United States at Amazon Web Services (“AWS”). The information you provide is encrypted and transmitted to the Sleeptracker-AI® Cloud over the Internet, then stored securely on the ® Cloud servers.


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You may contact our Data Protection Officer at:

Europe: Under Article 27 of the GDPR, we have appointed an EU Representative to act as our data protection agent. Our nominated EU Representative is:

Instant EU GDPR Representative Ltd
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Adam Brogden
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Reporting link: https://fullpowertechnologiesinc.gdprlocal.com/eu

United Kingdom: Under Article 27 of the UK Data Privacy Act, we have appointed a UK Representative to act as our data protection agent. Our nominated UK Representative is:

GDPR Local, Ltd
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Adam Brogden
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For security related concerns, contact:

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You may reach out to us at any time to request an update on your request.

Security updates are provided for products for three (3) years from the initial date of purchase from an authorized reseller.

How Sleeptracker-AI® Uses Artificial Intelligence

Sleeptracker-AI® uses algorithms and artificial intelligence to analyze sleep data. From this data, Sleeptracker-AI® derives accurate and personalized sleep analysis as well as actionable insights for coaching advice.

Data We Collect When using Sleeptracker-AI®

Sleeptracker-AI® uses sensors to collect data. From this data, Sleeptracker-AI® derives accurate and personalized sleep analysis as well as actionable insights for coaching advice.

Device information: This information includes under-the-mattress sensor device identifiers and the date and time of your request.

Under-the-mattress sensor data for your side of the bed: Your heart rate, breathing rate, and movements while sleeping.

Under-the-mattress sensor data for the other side of the bed: If another person or a pet sleeps in your bed, Sleeptracker-AI® will use their heart rate, breathing rate, and movements to better isolate your signal and improve sensor accuracy for you.

Your bedroom environment (certain models): Air temperature, humidity, and purity (relative level of volatile organic compounds).

Fitness Platforms: If you connect Sleeptracker® with a health app on your mobile device (such as Apple Health or Google Fit), we can share sleep analysis, height, weight, heart rate, and breathing rate information with that app based on the permissions you set in the health app settings

IP Address: Sleeptracker-AI® does not collect your IP address.


Sleeptracker-AI® uses general, non-specific locations to correlate sleep analysis & coaching to:

  • Your local conditions, such as weather
  • Sunrise & sunset times

Camera Data:Your camera is only used to scan a QR code when setting up your bed.

Complete Privacy Policy

Complete Privacy Policies

Tempur-Pedic Customers: See complete Privacy Policy

BeautyRest Customers: See complete Privacy Policy

Data We Collect When Using the Fullpower or Sleeptracker Websites

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Fullpower® Sell My Information?

No, Fullpower® does not sell your information.

Does Fullpower® Share My Information?

We will not disclose any of your Personal Information to advertising platforms, data brokers, or information resellers, or for advertising, marketing, or use-based data mining purposes.

In order to provide and support Sleeptracker-AI®, we share the information we collect, including your Personal Information, with service providers who work on our behalf. For example:

  • Amazon Web Services, where Sleeptracker-AI® processes and stores data.
  • Marketplaces where you may have downloaded the Sleeptracker-AI® mobile application like the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Similarly, you may have opted to use the Sleeptracker Google Assistant Action or the Sleeptracker Amazon Alexa Skill. Please refer to your relevant marketplace's privacy policy to understand how they collect and use your Personal Information.
  • For more on how we share your information, please refer to our full Privacy Policies:
  • When permitted by applicable law, we also disclose Personal Information to third parties such as law enforcement agencies and government authorities.

Can I Obtain a Copy of My Data?

Yes. We provide an online portal for this purpose. You can find the link to the Data Portability & Deletion portal for your specific device in the support section of Sleeptracker.com/support.

Can I Delete My Account or Data?

Yes. You can delete your account and data using the Sleeptracker-AI® mobile applications.

What if I Have Further Questions?

Contact Fullpower® directly by using the information provided in the About Fullpower section. Should you require customer support, contact us through the support site at Sleeptracker.com/support.