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Fullpower® Technologies delivers a complete B2B IoT platform for AI-powered algorithms, remote contactless biosensing together with end-to-end engineering services, and customization of software in the field of life sciences, health, and biotechnology. Fullpower's platform is vetted and deployed as a PaaS, backed by a patent portfolio of 125+ patents. Fullpower's key areas of expertise include contactless biosensing, remote monitoring, non-invasive sleep technology, and the development of new technologies for others in the life sciences and biotechnology fields. Fullpower's B2B PaaS customers are in medical solutions, remote-contactless biosensing, bedding solutions, wearable, and wellness services.

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Fullpower®-AI's Platform is Vetted and Deployed Globally, and Allows for:

  • Rapid Integration of Deep Learning
  • AI-Powered Cloud Deployments
  • Supervised and Unsupervised Learning
  • PaaS and SaaS deployments
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