Fullpower-AI receives Sleeptracker-AI Validation in world-leading medical journal, Sleep Medicine

Fullpower-AI is proud to have the world-leading medical sleep journal publish a validation of the Sleeptracker-AI platform.

Sleep Medicine is including the publication “Polysomnographic validation of an under-mattress monitoring device in estimating sleep architecture and obstructive sleep apnea in adults.” In the publication, Dr. Kushida, Medical Director of Stanford Sleep Medicine, validates the accuracy of the Sleeptracker-AI solution.  Dr. Kushida, MD, Ph.D., FAASM, principal investigator of this study, concludes:

“The Sleeptracker-AI Monitor had high accuracy, sensitivity, and specificity in estimating sleep continuity measures and sleep architecture, as well as in estimating apnea and hypopnea.

These findings indicate that Sleeptracker-AI Monitor is a valid device for monitoring sleep quantity and quality among adults. Sleeptracker-AI Monitor may also be a reliable complementary tool to PSG for OSA screening in clinical practice.”

The publication and validation are available here:

Dr. Kushida’s Biography:

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