Sleeptracker is the best sleep monitoring solution according to Tech Advisor review

Lewis Painter, Fullpower’s contact at Tech Advisor, posted an excellent review of the Sleeptracker Monitor. It is very thorough, giving praise to the in-depth sleep analysis and customized tips. He even noted that it is the best sleep tracker available right now.

Painter awarded the Sleeptracker 4.5/5 star, noting that it is just a bit pricier than other sleep trackers in his roundup. This “Best Sleep Trackers of 2019” roundup was updated to include the Sleeptracker by Beautyrest at the top of the list – it’s also the only one with a rating and review as it wins. His listed pricing is $195 and shows the immense value of our solution.

See below for links to the review and the roundup.

Beautyrest Sleeptracker Review

The Best Sleep Tracker 2019