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The First Camera-Phone Picture

The first known publicly transmitted camera-phone picture, taken by Philippe Kahn at the birth of his daughter, Sophie Kahn, on June 11, 1997

The Camera-Phone was born in Santa Cruz on June 11, 1997 at the Sutter Maternity Clinic.

Inventor Philippe Kahn was there with his wife, Sonia Lee. Philippe had been working on the technology components for an "instant visual communicator." After Sonia went into labor, Philippe completed the invention. He wired together his digital camera, his cellphone, and a laptop and ran the software he had developed. The server infrastructure allowed him to instantly share Sophie's birth picture with friends and family around the world. The architecture and design became the blueprint for today's social media.

The original picture is 240 by 320 pixels. It is available in three versions: Original, medium pixelated, large pixelated

Philippe Kahn's 1997 digital camera, cellphone, and  laptop used to transmit the first camera phone image