Philippe Kahn
CEO at Fullpower Technologies, Inc.

Philippe Kahn, CEO Fullpower Technologies, Inc
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Philippe is the CEO of Fullpower, the creative team behind the Sleeptracker® IoT Smartbed technology platform and the MotionX® Wearable Technology platform. Philippe studied at the ETH in Zurich Switzerland and Sofia-Antipolis, receiving his Masters Degree in Mathematics. Philippe also earned a Masters Degree in classical flute, with simultaneous minors in composition and chamber music from the Zurich Music Conservatory.

Philippe is an inventor, technology innovator and entrepreneur. The Fullpower Sleeptracker® and MotionX® technology platforms are at the core of solutions by Simmons, Serta, and Nike among others. Philippe is credited with creating the first complete camera phone solution, sharing pictures instantly on public networks. Philippe’s photo from the birth of his daughter, taken and instantly shared on June 11, 1997, is the first known publicly transmitted and shared camera-phone picture.

Philippe has founded four successful technology companies: Fullpower Technologies (Smartbed with Sleeptracker® and Wearable with MotionX®) , LightSurf (The Camera-Phone, or cell-phone camera), Starfish (Wireless OTA Synchronization) and Borland (Professional Development Tools). He is also the inventor of more than 150 technology patents covering Smartbeds, wearable & IoT, eyewear, smartphone, mobile, imaging, wireless, synchronization and medical technologies.

Philippe is fluent in four languages: English, French, Spanish, and German. Besides working passionately with the teams at Fullpower, Philippe enjoys spending time with his family and sharing his passion for playing classical music and improvisational jazz, as well as sailing, surfing, backcountry skiing and Crossfit. Philippe is also a trustee of the Lee-Kahn Foundation and loves his dogs.

The first known publicly transmitted camera-phone picture, taken by Philippe Kahn at the birth of his daughter on June 11, 1997
The original picture is 240 by 320 pixels. Here there are three versions: Original, medium pixelated, large pixelated

The First Camera-Phone Picture

The Camera-Phone was born in Santa Cruz on June 11, 1997 at the Sutter Maternity Clinic.

Inventor Philippe Kahn was there with his wife, Sonia Lee. Philippe had been working on the technology components for an "instant visual communicator." After Sonia went into labor, Philippe completed the invention. He wired together his digital camera, his cellphone, and a laptop and ran the software he had developed. The server infrastructure allowed him to instantly share Sophie's birth picture with friends and family around the world. The architecture and design became the blueprint for today's social media.

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