Fullpower Technology Deployment Successes


The Fullpower Sleeptracker® and MotionX® patented ecosystems are the leading cloud-based IoT and AI PaaS and SaaS solutions. Fullpower's IP portfolio and expertise in life-cycle management for dynamic and complex distributed cloud-based AI and IoT solutions powered by data science gives our partners a considerable technology, IP, time-to-market, scalability, cost-structure and reliability advantage.

Three examples of Successful technology and market deployments


In 2010 Fullpower and Nike forged a partnership that blended the MotionX platform and GPS technology with the Nike+ iOS application. The combination of GPS capability and on board accelerometer technology provide runners and other athletes with a unique outdoor running experience. Since the Nike partnership, Fullpower has been awarded several patents in wearable technology, sensor fusion and motion processors.

"We took great care in evaluating sensing technologies and found the MotionX technology platform to be superior."

Stefan Olander - Vice President of Digital Sport at Nike
Simmons Serta Bedding

In 2015, Serta Simmons Bedding formed a strategic partnership with Fullpower successfully creating the Beautyrest Sleeptracker monitor by leveraging Fullpower’s patented Sleeptracker technology. The Sleeptracker technology and sleep cycle app provides Serta Simmons Bedding the ability to turn a user’s mattress into a smart bed. Meanwhile, Fullpower continued to lead the sleep insight technology, and file more patents covering the sleep monitoring system.

"To build the smart bed, we evaluated many potential technology partners and Fullpower’s Sleeptracker technology cloud platform stands out as the clear leader,” said Michael Hofmann, Executive Vice President of Research & Innovation for Serta Simmons Bedding. “The Serta Simmons Bedding and Fullpower teams immediately clicked.” Mr. Hofmann went on to say “If you’re serious about improving the quality of one’s sleep, you first must know how that individual is currently sleeping. Are they getting the proper amount of restorative sleep? Only then can you begin to add true value in helping them improve their sleep."

Michael Hofmann - Executive VP, Serta Simmons Bedding
MMT Swiss Connect

For MMT Swiss Connect: In 2012 Fullpower entered into a licensing agreement with Swiss technology Manufacture Modules Technologies Sarl or “MMT Swiss Connect”. The partnership allowed the group to acquire MotionX and Sleeptracker non-exclusive patent technology to integrate into a group of luxury, connected devices called Horological Smartwatches as well as e-straps. The partnership proved to be a fruitful union for both parties; Fullpower continued to expand and demonstrate its unique applicatory capabilities and MMT added a suite of products that is complementary to its portfolio of devices. Fullpower is proud to have executed a technology transfer allowing MMT-powered watches and e-straps to use the "Swiss Made logo."

The Fullpower® patented cloud-based IoT technology platform, powered by AI and data science, includes the Sleeptracker® platform optimized for smart beds and digital sleep as well as the MotionX® platform optimized for connected objects and digital sports.